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As an employer in the Washington, DC area, you know that the population is a highly mobile one. Yet, we have many permanent, underemployed populations from which we could build a highly skilled workforce given the proper training and support channels. The tdp Foundation is dedicated to working with employers as partners to develop custom training modules that focus on current business and industry needs. We can support your hiring needs by providing readiness training that leads to long-term employee placement. New hires will have the skills they need on day one, costs associated with onboarding and high turnover are reduced, and having the training program in place ensures a pipeline of skilled workers when you need them.

Initial industry tracks include:

·      Technical Tradespersons

·      Hospitality and Customer Service

·      General Office Skills

Find out more about how your organization can partner with The tdp Foundation to develop a better workforce for your business:

2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700 / Chevy Chase, MD 20815
p 301.383.1759 / f 301.383.1769

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